Musicians, Performers, Dancers
Do you sometimes wonder...


What do I have to do
to get that gig?


You're talented. You've got something unique to offer.
But how do "they" know?


From the very first moment of contact, presenters and bookers need to get an immediate visceral sense of who you are and what you have to offer. You know what it is; I know how to make them see it. I'll provide clear, straightforward and practical advice -- no bull. Getting the gig depends upon what you say and how you sound over the phone, how you look on paper, and how you appear in your recorded media and live performance.


We'll strategize to:

* Package you for success

* Present you professionally

* Put you in the right place at the right time

* Get your foot in the door

* Secure the gig

* Maintain great professional relationships

* Help you qualify for agency representation

Judith Z. Miller is the director of ZAMO!, a Brooklyn-based artist booking and management agency. ZAMO! provides highly personalized representation for a multi-cultural mix of world-class artists. Judith is a personal manager with 28 years' experience in the arts. She has developed both for-profit and non-profit arts organizations and produced numerous special projects, including the highly successful 2002 forum "Presenting Latin Music" at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters national conference. Her articles have appeared in Inside Arts, The Washington Post and American Theatre magazine.

Each day presenters book performers in
every genre in thousands of venues across
the U.S. Get your rightful share of those gigs!


For a good time advancing your career,
call Judith Z. Miller at ZAMO!
ph: 718-638-2898, email:




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