2007 Retreat
MAY 18-20, 2007

Nehirim: A Spiritual Initiative fo GLBT Jews creates innovative programming, builds community, and offers authentic, life-affirming spiritual paths for Jewish members of sexual and gender minorities

Workshops by Judith Z. Miller

- Wisdom & Blessing

- Wearable Art

Information and Registration www.nehirim.org



6:30- 9:30pm

LGBTQ Late Spring Dinner and Sensual Workshop
with Judith Z. Miller

The Jewish Community Center in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street, NYC

Join us for a delicious meal and a series of playful physical warm-ups, writing exercises, and private guided imagery designed to enhance the discovery of inner knowing. Express yourself verbally through blessing, and non-verbally through the creation of amulets-original, wearable pieces of ritual art made from natural elements that "hold" Kavenah (intentions).

Be prepared to move, bless, and be blessed while creating something beautiful with your hands.

Please bring unmatched and broken jewelry or meaningful rocks and charms to reincorporate into our projects. Other supplies provided. Wear loose clothing.






"Your pieces are beautiful. Your work is breathtaking... I love your work because both the wearer and the viewer feel the organic and spiritual texture."

Maryellen Kernaghan
Artistic Director
Plays for Living

"Your group workshop in guided imagery and body movement at the Nehirim Retreat was one of the best parts of my weekend. It was so deep and healing for me... Thank you for your gift of giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful, healing workshop"

David Schwartz

"Judith Z. Miller is a brave, bold voice on the lit scene in New York. What she says awakens the listener both intellectually and sensually. Her provocative poems' tender and violent imagery carries us into ancient and holy story by finding spiritual essence in the female body, and into honest exposure of the pleasures of sexual risk and intimate recognition. Her presence made the walls of the room crackle with erotic energy."

Sarah Kay
Director of Community Programs
(JCC Works and LGBTQ)
The JCC in Manhattan

"Judith Z. Miller is a gifted poet and performer. Her musical voice, innate sense of rhythm, and talent for memorable, vivid images makes hers a totally engaging stage presence."

Paul Glassman
Director of Public Relations
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn