Client Feedback from Workshops/Consulting Services

If you are fully committed to your own success, Judith Z. Miller is the finest imaginable example of what a manager can be.

Particularly in today's economic climate, it is essential for any artist who wants to succeed to have excellent management; she is astute, compassionate, dedicated, entrepreneurial, motivated, savvy, and smart. She really, truly caress about her clients and only takes on artists she can promote with all her heart.

Because, ultimately, Judith is all about heart -- her love for her artists is infectious and it makes others as excited as she is tireless in her commitment to promoting their work. I have watched her in action many times -- working a room after one of my concerts, schmoozing with potential donors at a party, brainstorming with other agents late at night; it's like she's fueled by an unstoppable desire for her artists' success.

Judith shepherds my career. She's given me useful feedback after performances. She helps me set goals and she's supported me every step of the way towards achieving them. Together we've written grants, supervised the design of my website, interacted with agents, presenters, and the media. She taught me how to negotiate for what I deserve, and helped me stay strong and creative when faced with difficult challenges. A true Renaissance woman, she is a visual artist who brings her own background as a performer and producer to her work as my manager.

I recommend Judith to any performing artist who wants to succeed on the sole condition: you must be willing to work as hard for yourself as she does for you.

Rebecca Joy Fletcher

You're a born presenter. Vivacious, knowledgable and incisive.

You clearly enjoy communicating what you know. Your seminar was spirited and fun, structured and still comfortable, organized while spontaneous, and focused and inclusive. You had the audience laughing while you artfully fielded questions creating a lively exchange that kept them engaged. Your presentation was stellar, surpassing our expectations. Comments from participants were overwhelmingly positive. One person left the room repeating "wonderful, just wonderful", another remarked "this seminar was great", and another responded in his own iminitable fashion "Judith clearly has her shit together." Participants reacted so positively because they left your seminar with an increased ability to take control of their careers.

Angela Gittens
Program Coordinator, Brooklyn Arts Council

I did a consultation with Judith a few years ago...

when I was just beginning work as a musician. Her suggestions regarding organization and presentation of materials and which doors to knock on were extremely helpful. I went to Judith again recently to help me refocus my business strategy. Again, her ideas and comments helped energize me and focus my mind on the business aspect of this job. I think Judith is a great resource for musicians.

Maggie Green
Jazz Singer

It was an honor to sponsor "Get the Gig! Part 1 - The Press Packet," your workshop presentation for performing artists, here at The Red Tent Women's Project, as our inaugural workshop event.

Our mission at The Red Tent is to empower and educate women by providing a space to facilitate personal growth, information and resource exchange, community building, and leadership development for all women. I was delighted that our inaugural workshop supported our mission so thoroughly by drawing in a diverse and enthusiastic group, and by offering such a professional presentation. It was a true pleasure for us to benefit from your expertise and experience.

Responses to your workshop were overwhelmingly positive, (as a matter of fact, the only "negative" response we got is that one woman wished we also served cookies!).

Attendees reported that they were impressed by your extensive knowledge in the arts, and by how you incorporated your experience as a performer, visual artist, producer, agent, manager and consultant. They appreciated the way you handled the wide range of participants' skill levels, and the manner in which you gracefully and joyfully fielded questions and encouraged participation.

Women commented that they felt encouraged to participate because of your down-to-earth approach, and that they had fun while learning because of your upbeat style and sense of humor. We all appreciated your practical and creative suggestions on how to develop materials.

Your respect and passion for the arts and for the participants' creative process was evident. During the course of the workshop, several women commented that being in the group inspired them to take themselves and their work more seriously - and, as a result, that they intended to take positive action. I personally got a great deal from attending the workshop - practical information that I will apply immediately!

One woman wrote in response to our feedback questionnaire, "the workshop was very informative - Judith gets down to the nitty-gritty." Another chimed in "Judith's knowledge and energy were great!" - I couldn't agree more!

We would be delighted to invite you back to lead other workshops here at New York City's new and only women's community center. Judith - you will always have a "second home" at The Red Tent!

 Eryka Peskin
Founder & Director
The Red Tent Women's Project
Brooklyn, NY

Judith gave a fabulous presentation about promotion to our group.

She set people on the path to success, whether they are beginners or already somewhat out there. She is knowledgeable, competent, caring, and clear as a bell.

Yitzhak Buxbaum
Jewish Spirit Maggid Training Program

The ballpark has changed for the independent musician today. With so many record companies imploding or circling the wagons, our focus cannot afford to be how long or effectively we knock on their doors. Rather, we are becoming cottage industries, producing and promoting our art ourselves.

Judith Miller's consulting services are an amazing resource. With years of experience behind her as a manager and booking agent, Judith has a sharp eye for detail, finding the subtle flaws that are holding an artist's presentation back and the strengths that need more attention. She is enthusiastic and savvy, full of great tips and ideas, thinks creatively and "outside-of-the-box" and is generous with her suggestions.

I sent Judith with a press kit that looked far more amateurish than I had ever imagined. She somehow managed to make me laugh while she tore it to shreds and put it back together in such a brilliant way, it has been a super-effective marketing tool ever since. As my artistic calling card, my new press kit has secured me numerous gigs this year across the West Coast.

I strongly recommend Judith's consulting services without reservation. She is The Business!

Ashley Maher

Thanks for the awesome suggestions. I never thought about using these business interactions as an opportunity to be creative in a challenging situation.

And I love the analogy of "riffing" - that really makes sense to me. It's been so
helpful to think of the business end of music as an integral part of my larger creative expression. I never thought of it this way. This postcard is for a gig I booked using advice I received at your workshop, and I'm continuing to use your advice to break into journalistic writing for radio too! Thanks for all your
suggestions and for all the great work you do. Thanks so much, again and again.

Susan Hwang

After ten years of going it on my own, one meeting with Judith gave me the skills I needed to make the phone calls and "get the gig."

I liked her down to earth pro-active approach.Judith's acting of a telephone call with a presenter has enabled me to engage presenters and talk about my work in a much more direct yet conversational manner.Her handouts outline the full spectrum of publicity material and she offers many new ideas in making your package exciting and professional.

Patricia Burgess
Composer/Saxophonist/Multi-Media Artist

In just one session with Judith, I noticed how wrapped up in my business I was. She gave clear, simple, and nurturing steps to allow me the gift of self-care to become a valued part of my life.

Just taking 30 minutes out of each day was really a foreign experience to me. Judith saved my life from going off the cliff of over doing to just stopping long enough to recharge and restore the incredible wealth of self-healing within my own body. Thanks for mentioning the small steps to self-care.

Marjorie Kouns
Voiceover Artist and Public Art Producer

Your workshop was tremendously helpful to me as an independent musician.

You gave me practical, behind-the-scenes information that helped me reframe how I approach my career. I felt empowered and inspired - ready to take on the world and overcome the challenges in my path!

Chana Rothman

Judith Z. Miller is the director of ZAMO!, a Brooklyn-based artist booking and management agency. ZAMO! provides highly personalized representation for a multi-cultural mix of world-class artists. Judith is a personal manager with 28 years' experience in the arts. She has developed both for-profit and non-profit arts organizations and produced numerous special projects, including the highly successful 2002 forum "Presenting Latin Music" at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters national conference. Her articles have appeared in Inside Arts, The Washington Post and American Theatre magazine.


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