The individual pieces pictured on this site can be purchased (as available) or I can create a staff or a piece of wearable art specifically designed for you.

Please keep in mind that none of the pieces pictured can be copied exactly as each one is fashioned from natural elements.

Many people collect little interesting objects, which they keep in a jar or tucked away in a dresser drawer. Perhaps you have a lovely piece of beach glass, a lucky charm, or an earring given to you by a special friend or lover. These objects are precious and meaningful; they hold memories and powerful energy from your personal history and emotional heritage.

If you want me to create a piece made from these special objects, here's what I suggest:

Find a quiet place where you can be alone to sit with your prized objects. Pick up each one separately and hold it in your hand. Let yourself drift back in time to remember finding or receiving the object, think about why you saved it, remember your hopes and dreams at that time, and imagine yourself bringing back that special quality into your life again.

Carefully select the most important, interesting and beautiful pieces and lay them out in front of you on an uncluttered table or on a piece of non-patterned cloth.

Set aside a few minutes to write about what see before you - perhaps you will create an affirmation or a short story or poem.

Via email, send me a copy of what you wrote, or write to me about what you learned. Also, tell me what you'd like me to make for you. If you can, attach a current photo of yourself. If you include your phone number, we can speak by phone. If you live in the area, we can meet. If not, once we've worked out the details, carefully wrap up your selected items, and send them to me.

I will create an original piece of art especially for you incorporating the objects you hold dear.